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Laser Cladding System For Butterfly Valve Hard Sealing

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Laser Cladding System For Butterfly Valve Hard Sealing

The special laser cladding equipment for hard sealing of butterfly valve is a special laser processing equipment for hardfacing of three eccentric butterfly valve body. Large L-type positioner and special tri eccentric process module are used to realize butterfly valve path processing by inputting simple parameters, which is easy to operate; The special fixture design controls the deformation of the workpiece in the processing process within the minimum range. The equipment is mainly composed of high-power laser, laser cladding head, coaxial powder feeder, powder feeder and L-type positioner.

Application area

It is suitable for laser cladding of hard sealing surfaces of various valve seats, butterfly valve bodies and spheres. It can be used to cladding 304/316/Fe Cr B Si and other iron base alloys, Ni55/Ni60/Inconel625 and other nickel base alloys, STL6/STL12/STL21 and other cobalt base alloys, and nickel base/iron base metal ceramic alloys.


1. Large L-type positioner is used to process DN1800 butterfly valve;

2. The special three eccentric process module makes the system easy to operate, and the butterfly valve can be processed by inputting simple parameters.

3. Special fixture design, and the deformation of the workpiece during processing shall be controlled within the minimum range;

4. Special laser processing technology design can realize laser cladding of cobalt base alloy without preheating;

5. The thickness of single layer cladding can reach 25mm



Semiconductor laser/fiber laser

Laser power




Focused spot

Circular spot/rectangular spot

Powder feeding way

Coaxial negative ballast gas delivery

Movement mechanism

Specialfour axis truss machine tool

Cooling method

Water cooling 20-25℃,

Intelligent dual temperature and dual control

Control way

IPC+HL4 axis motion control system, NC model

Processing diameter




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