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  • Guide for Winter Antifreeze of Laser Equipment Guide for Winter Antifreeze of Laser Equipment
    Dec 01 2022
    As winter comes, the temperature drops sharply. In order to better protect the laser and ensure the normal operation of the laser in winter, we hereby remind all partners and users to take anti freezing measures for the laser in winter. 1. Since the laser equipment uses water as the cooling medium, the operating ambient temperature of the laser should be above 5 ℃. 2. In winter, if there is no heating in the workshop, or the ambient temperature may be lower than 5 ℃. If the laser does not work at night or on weekends, the machine tool can still be turned on. In this way, the cooling water is still in circulation and will not freeze. 3. If your factory or workshop has a long holiday and the machine tool is not running during the holiday period. Be sure to pay attention to the thermal insulation treatment of the machine tool in winter. The water of the chiller, the laser, the cutting head and the lens must be drained to prevent the damage of the machine tool caused by icing. Basic principles and methods of antifreeze All liquids have a "freezing point". When the liquid temperature is lower than this "freezing point", it will solidify to form a solid, while the volume of deionized water or purified water will become larger during the solidification process, which will "support" the pipeline and sealing connection of the water cooling system and cause damage. In order to avoid damage to the laser, output head and water cooler caused by solidification of cooling liquid, there are three solutions: 1. If there is no power failure in the local area, do not turn off the water cooler at night to ensure that the coolant is in circulation and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point. 2. Drain the cooling liquid in the laser, laser output head and water cooler after use every day. 3. Use proper antifreeze as coolant. Note: Any antifreeze cannot completely replace deionized water and cannot be used for a long time all year round. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water, and the use of deionized water or purified water as coolant must be resumed.
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  • 3 in 1 Laser Machine Helps Customers Develop Laser Service 3 in 1 Laser Machine Helps Customers Develop Laser Service
    Sep 23 2022
    On September 20, UAE customer Al Ameera finally got the long-awaited laser equipment. After two days of preparation work, commissioning and training have been completed, and they are about to start their laser service business. 3 in 1 Laser cleaning, laser welding and laser cutting, will show their advantages in various industries. Duman Laser will continue to provide customers with the best solutions to help their business grow. Duman Laser, Work Smarter!
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  • 3000W Laser Cleaning Machine Helps Open Customers' Cleaning Service Business 3000W Laser Cleaning Machine Helps Open Customers' Cleaning Service Business
    Jul 27 2022
    Laser cleaning is a new type of cleaning process, which has a good effect on metal surface treatment and high efficiency. With the background of carbon neutrality and carbon peak, green laser cleaning will open its market. On July 27th, a 3000W laser cleaning machine is about to be sent to the UK to help the customer start his laser cleaning service business. This client will do business in the following businesses. Laser cleaning in the tire industry mainly cleans tire molds; laser cleaning machines in the manufacturing industry are mainly used to clean workpieces, rust layers, paint, oil stains on the surface of equipment, etc., and can also be used to clean welded parts, which are very good before and after welding. In terms of bridge construction, it is used to clean the rust layer on the surface of the bridge steel structure; in railway transportation, it is used to clean the rust layer of the rail, the paint layer of the high-speed rail car, and the cleaning of the air conditioners; the shipbuilding industry can be used to clean the rust layer of the ship board Oxidation color cleaning on the surface of welding parts, etc.
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  • Maintenance of Laser Equipment in Summer Maintenance of Laser Equipment in Summer
    Jun 01 2022
    With the arrival of summer, the temperature rises and the air humidity is high, and the maintenance of the laser cutting machine also needs to be paid attention to. Duman laser professional after-sales engineers teach you 6 steps to easily get summer equipment maintenance skills, let's take a look! Water cooler cleaning In summer, the water temperature is set, the low temperature water is set at about 26°C, and the normal temperature water is set at about 30°C. Change distilled or purified water every two weeks, and clean the water filter and water tank. Clean the air filter and condenser every one to two days. Laser Maintenance In the high temperature environment in summer, the laser should be equipped with an air-conditioned room, and the air-conditioning temperature should be set to dehumidification mode with a constant temperature of 26°C. Oil tank level Check the oil level of the oiler every week. The automatic lubrication system will automatically alarm when the oil level is too low. Please use Mobil 46# lubricating oil to refill the oil to the highest level. Mechanical cleaning When the equipment is powered off, clean the Y-axis, X-axis, and Z-axis rail racks every week, and apply lubricating oil in time after cleaning. Maintenance of distribution box When the equipment is powered off, clean the dust in the distribution box with clean compressed air every week, check the line connections, and eliminate potential safety hazards in time. IPC Maintenance Clean the industrial computer every 6 months, remove the fixing bolts, and take off the cover to clean the motion control card and memory module. Gold thumb keys for memory sticks. The above is about the maintenance of the laser equipment in summer. Hope it will be helpful to users who are using laser equipment for processing.
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  • Laser Rust Removal & Sandblasting Machine Rust Removal, Which One is Better? Laser Rust Removal & Sandblasting Machine Rust Removal, Which One is Better?
    May 09 2022
    Laser rust removal mainly uses a laser beam to work on the workpiece with rust stains. High-frequency high-energy laser pulses irradiate the surface of the workpiece, and the coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, so that the oil stains, rust spots or coatings on the surface can be instantly Evaporation or peeling, a cleaning method that effectively removes surface attachments or surface coatings at high speed, and laser pulses with very short action time will not damage the metal substrate under appropriate parameters.   The rust removal of the sandblasting machine mainly uses compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam and then spray it to the surface of the workpiece to be treated at a high speed, so that the surface of the workpiece can be changed.   Both laser derusting and sandblasting are mainly used for the treatment of various pollutants such as rust stains on some workpieces, but the efficiency and mode of action of the two are different. Laser derusting can be carried out directly during processing, while sandblasting It is necessary to remove the excess material on the surface of the workpiece to achieve a better rust removal effect. In contrast, the processing efficiency of laser rust removal is higher than that of sandblasting machine; secondly, the operation steps of sandblasting machine are a bit cumbersome, not to mention low efficiency, sometimes it may damage the workpiece, not clean, and cause environmental pollution, etc. and other phenomena, and laser rust removal is a green, non-destructive cleaning and low-cost cleaning processing method.   Laser rust removal does not require any chemicals, and the waste after rust removal is solid and harmless powder, which can completely solve the environmental pollution problem caused by chemical rust removal; and laser rust removal is a non-contact processing method, let alone worry about it. Damage or deformation to the workpiece, and the initial investment of the laser rust removal system is high, but it can be used stably for a long time, with a service life of up to 10 years, low operating cost, high speed, high efficiency, time saving, and can be quickly obtained. The return on investment, in the long run, is lower cost than the blast machine method.   In contrast, the overall advantages of laser rust removal are higher than those of sandblasting machines, and the efficiency is also better!
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  • What Are The Practical Applications of Laser Cleaning Machines? What Are The Practical Applications of Laser Cleaning Machines?
    Apr 25 2022
    Traditional cleaning industry has a variety of cleaning methods, mostly using chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning. Laser cleaning can be used not only to clean organic pollutants, but also to clean inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. The laser cleaning machine is very effective in cleaning the surface of the workpiece with nano-laser radiation. Since the laser is non-contact cleaning for the workpiece, it is very safe to clean the precision workpiece or its fine parts, and its accuracy can be ensured. Therefore, laser cleaning has unique advantages in the cleaning industry. So, what fields are laser cleaning machines actually used in?   1. Laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of building exterior walls The laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of black spots and stains on various stone materials such as buildings and stone monuments. It has a very good effect on protecting the appearance of ancient buildings and restoring them. The cleaning problem of the exterior walls of modern skyscrapers is becoming more and more prominent. The laser cleaning machine provides a good solution for cleaning the exterior walls of buildings through optical fibers with a maximum length of 70 meters. These pollutants can be effectively cleaned, and the efficiency is many times higher than that of conventional cleaning.   2. Laser cleaning machine is applied to the removal of old aircraft paint The surface of the aircraft should be repainted after a certain period of time. Note that the original old paint needs to be completely removed before painting. The traditional mechanical paint removal method is easy to cause damage to the metal surface of the aircraft, which brings hidden dangers to safe flight. Cleaning with a laser cleaner can completely remove paint from an A320 Airbus within two days without damaging the metal surface.   3. Laser cleaning machine is used for mold cleaning Mold cleaning Traditional cleaning methods include sandblasting, ultrasonic or carbon dioxide cleaning, etc. The traditional cleaning is to use chemical solvents, high heat, and then cooling to clean, which takes a long time and damages the accuracy of the original mold. The laser cleaning machine is used to clean the mold, which is easy to use, does not produce toxic gas, and does not affect the safety of the working environment; it saves time, avoids mold damage, and saves raw materials.   4. Laser cleaning machine is used for precise de-esterification cleaning in precision machinery industry The traditional cleaning method is a chemical method, and there are chemical residues. The use of a laser cleaning machine can completely remove esters and mineral oil, non-contact, and does not damage the surface of the parts.   5. Laser cleaning machines are used in cleaning in the electronics industry The electronics industry needs high-precision decontamination. Laser cleaning machines are used...
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  • How to Choose a Suitable Laser Marking Machine How to Choose a Suitable Laser Marking Machine
    Apr 14 2022
    The automatic laser marking machine has compact volume, small power consumption, no high-voltage iron tower, and no huge water cooling system. High quality light, close to ideal light. USB interface output manipulation, electronic optical scanner scanning galvanometer. The high repetition frequency of the laser gradually replaced other marking equipment on the market. Laser marking machine is widely used in integrated circuit chip integration ic, computer accessories, industrial production rolling bearings, clocks, electronic devices and communication equipment, aerospace components, various auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, abrasives, cables and wires , food packaging materials, accessories, cigarettes and their military use and many other industry graphics and text identification, and production line work.   How to choose the right model 1. Sample material. Metal or non-metal? This will affect the choice of laser type. 2. Marking area. This is related to the selection of the lens and the size of the laser power. The conventional marking area of the automatic laser marking machine is 110/175/200/300. The larger the lens, the weaker the laser will be, so it is recommended to purchase a slightly higher power laser. 3. Depth and speed requirements. The main consideration is the requirement for efficiency. 4. Static marking or dynamic marking. Static marking is to put the workpiece under the laser marking machine and take it away after marking. Dynamics are assembly lines or automated unmanned operations. The machine configuration differs greatly, and the price also differs greatly. 5. Machine working time. If the workload is small, it is recommended to purchase the general configuration. If the daily workload is more than 10 hours, it is recommended to purchase a slightly higher configuration.   Laser Marking Machine Troubleshooting If one part of the marked pattern is clear and one part is blurred, the possible cause is that the temperature of the pressing equipment is not uniform or the pressure plate is not leveled. When the automatic laser marking machine has an offset at the bottom of the marking during the entire laser marking process, 1. Check whether the output of the scanning galvanometer switching power supply is normal. The output standard value of the scanning galvanometer switching power supply is ±15V. Use a multimeter to enter the DC terminal to check whether the output terminal of the scanning galvanometer switching power supply is at the standard value. If there is no normal range, replace the switching power supply. 2. Check whether the scanning galvanometer data signal has a 220V ground wire, if not, use a wire grounding device with signal shielding. 3. Check whether there are interference signals in the surrounding area, and the natural environment for manufacturing should avoid areas with interference signals. 4. Check whether the scanning galvanometer is whining when it is working. The automatic laser...
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  • Solutions to 5 Defects in Laser Welding Solutions to 5 Defects in Laser Welding
    Apr 12 2022
    With the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, good effect, and easy automation integration, laser welding is widely used in various industries and plays a pivotal role in industrial manufacturing, including military, medical, aerospace, 3C auto parts, mechanical sheet metal Gold, new energy, bathroom hardware and other industries.   However, if any processing method does not master its principles and processes, it will produce certain defects or defective products, and laser welding is no exception. Only by having a good understanding of these defects and learning how to avoid them can we better utilize the value of laser welding and process products with beautiful appearance and high quality. Through the accumulation of long-term experience, the engineer has summed up the solutions to some common welding defects for the reference of colleagues in the industry!   1. Crack The cracks generated in laser continuous welding are mainly thermal cracks, such as crystallization cracks, liquefaction cracks, etc. The reason is mainly caused by the large shrinkage force of the weld before it is completely solidified, and measures such as wire filling and preheating can be reduced. or eliminate cracks. So wire feeding laser welding machine is a good choice.   2. Stomata Porosity is a defect that is easily generated in laser welding. The molten pool of laser welding is deep and narrow, and the cooling rate is fast. The gas generated in the liquid molten pool does not have enough time to escape, which easily leads to the formation of pores. However, laser welding cools quickly, and the pores produced are generally smaller than those of traditional fusion welding. Cleaning the surface of the workpiece before welding can reduce the tendency of porosity, and the direction of blowing will also affect the generation of porosity.   3. Splash The spatter produced by laser welding seriously affects the surface quality of the weld and can contaminate and damage the lens. Spatter is directly related to power density, and appropriate reduction of welding energy can reduce spatter. If the penetration is insufficient, the welding speed can be reduced.   4. Undercut If the welding speed is too fast, the liquid metal at the back of the small hole pointing to the center of the weld will not have time to redistribute, and will solidify on both sides of the weld to form an undercut. If the joint assembly gap is too large, the molten metal of the caulking is reduced, and it is easy to produce undercuts. At the end of laser welding, if the energy drop time is too fast, the small hole is easy to collapse, resulting in local undercut. Controlling the matching of power and speed can well solve the generation of undercut.   5. Collapse If the welding speed is slow, the molten pool is large and wide, the amount of molten metal increases, and the surface tension is difficult to maintain the heavier liquid metal, the center of the weld will s...
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  • What laser power should you choose? How to choose? What laser power should you choose? How to choose?
    Dec 05 2020
    With the development of laser industry and manufacturing industry, the power of optical fiber laser cutting machine is increasing. At present, the power of laser cutting machine on the market is from 1000W to 12000W, and the minimum power of large manufacturers is 1000W, and the equipment below 1000W is no longer produced. According to the different power, the optical fiber laser cutting machine is divided into: Low power fiber laser cutting machine, medium power fiber laser cutting machine, high power fiber laser cutting machine. At present, we generally call fiber laser cutting machine laser power lower than 2000 watt low power fiber laser cutting machine. 2000W ≤ 6000W called medium power fiber laser cutting machine, 8000W and above called high power fiber laser cutting machine. In recent years, the price of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is much lower, mainly because the spare parts of the optical fiber laser cutting machine manufactured by China are imported from abroad, and the cost is relatively high. Due to the obvious improvement in the quality of laser cutting machines made in China and the fact that they occupy half of the international market, many large companies have teamed up with famous foreign parts manufacturers to achieve win-win results. For example, Gweike Laser and Germany Trumpf signed the cooperation agreement to enjoy special price preferential policies in the import of the Trumpf fiber laser, which can also bring more benefits to the customers. According to different cutting materials and thickness, choose laser cutting machine with different power. The power of the fiber laser cutting machine is determined according to the cutting demand. It is necessary not only to know the scope of production, the processing material and the cutting thickness, but also to take into account the long-term processing needs, so as to confirm the type, format and power to be purchased. Customer can also take your own materials to Gweike Laser factory for on-site proofing, and choose the best effect. Choose the power of optical fiber laser cutting machine suitable for your own production. The low-power laser cutting machine can be adopted for the thinner stainless steel and the carbon steel plate, so that the cutting speed can be guaranteed, the working efficiency can be guaranteed, the cost is saved, If there is both thick plate and thin plate, high power optical fiber laser cutting machine can be considered, which can not only ensure the cutting effect of thick plate, but also ensure the cutting efficiency and effect of thin plate.
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