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CNC Mini Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for SS CS Aluminum Sheet Metal Cutting

Laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for non-contact rapid cutting, hollowing and punching of various metal materials such as carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, alloy steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, and pipe.

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CNC Mini Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for SS CS Aluminum Sheet Metal Cutting

aluminium sheet laser cutting machine uses a high-energy-density laser to instantly vaporize the processed material, and discharges the vaporized material through an auxiliary gas to form an incision, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Therefore, laser cutting is a non-contact cutting process. Different materials and parts do not need to change tools, and it is easy to achieve automatic high-speed cutting. The laser cutting machine adopts numerical control operation. After the shape to be processed is formed in the computer, the source code is automatically generated through the nesting software, so that the instant proofing can be realized, and the production can be produced immediately after confirmation, and the production cycle can be shortened. The use of laser cutting has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, good cutting quality, narrow slit, good material adaptability, no tool wear, no matter it is simple or complex parts, it can be precisely and quickly formed and cut at one time, with a high degree of automation and simple operation. , Low labor intensity, no pollution, low noise, low production cost, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and good economic benefits.

Technical parameter

Machine Model


Power of Generator


Transmission Mode

Grinding Precision Screw Transmission

Working Area


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Max Running Speed


Max Acceleration


Specified Voltage and Frequency

220V/380V 50/60HZ


Aviation Aluminum Gantry

It is manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding. After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6 which is the strongest strength of all gantries. Aviation aluminum has many advantages, such as good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, low density, and greatly increase the processing speed.

Steel Plate Weld Machine Frame

It is welded by heavy steel plate, the current mainstream bed structure, high stability;Effect force annealing treatment, high mechanical strength, not easy to deform;Reinforcing ribs are arranged inside the bed to increase the strength and tensile resistance of the bed, and effectively avoid deformation of the bed.

The weight of the bed, the small vibration of the machine, and the good shock resistance ensure the improvement of cutting accuracy.

Other advantages


Rotary Length:6m standard,8m and other size can be customized

Rotary Diameter:160/220mm is standard. Other size can be customized

Chuck:Both pneumatic control

2.Pneumatic Chuck Clamping Design

It adopts an pneumatic clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center

automatically.The diagonal adjustable range is 20-220mm(320/350 is optiona)

3.Professional Clamp Design

Automatic pneumatic chuck, adjustable and stable, clamping range is wider and clamping force is larger. Non - destructive pipe clamping, fast automatic centering and clamping pipe, performance is more stable. The chuck size is smaller, rotation inertia is low, and dynamic performance is strong. Self-centering pneumatic chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life and high work reliability.

4.Fractional Automatic Support Installation

It employs intelligent tube support design, which can solve the deformation problems in the process of long tube cutting.

5.Intelligent Autofocus

Collimating lens and focus lens group are cooling structure, increase cooling airflow nozzle at the same time, the effective protection of nozzle, the ceramic body, prolonged work time.

Through the pore diameter of 35 mm, effectively reduce the stray light interference, ensuring cutting quality and service life.

Automatic focus, reduce human intervention, focusing speed 10 m/min, repeat accuracy of 50 microns.

25 mm carbon steel sheet pre punch time < 3 s @ 3000 w, greatly improve cutting efficiency.

6.Independent Control Cabinet


All electrical components and laser source are built-in to the independent control cabinet with a dust-proof design to prolong the lifespan of the electrical components.

Automatic Thermostat

The control cabinet is equipped with air conditioner for automatic constant temperature.This can prevent excessive  temperature damage to components in summer.



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