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How to Choose a Suitable Laser Equipment For Your Product

Mar 24, 2022

Laser Equipment

If you're looking to buy a laser welding machine, or if you're new to the field, it's worth knowing a few tips for getting started. So what are the tips for buying fiber laser welding equipment for the first time?

As far as fiber laser welding equipment is concerned, we must fully consider which type of laser welding equipment our products are suitable for, because laser welding equipment includes laser welding equipment with continuous fiber transmission, and laser welding equipment with pulsed laser generators. Next, the editor of Shuangcheng Laser will sort out the following points for you. When choosing laser welding equipment, if we fully consider the following points.

First of all, the products we see are handheld laser welding machines, which are widely used for welding. Handheld laser welding belongs to high-intensity laser welding, which includes two fields. One is the effect of welding high-strength products, and the other is the high requirements of butt welds of welded products. Because laser welding is done based on the self-melting of the sample, if the butt weld exceeds 1 mm, the wire must be increased.

Then, whether the product is suitable for using laser welding equipment for welding, when we select laser welding equipment, we must fully consider whether our own products are suitable for using laser welding equipment to make our own products, assuming that it is not clear whether it is suitable or not. , we can fully consider according to the welding thickness of the laser welding equipment. For example, assuming that the thickness of the product laser welding is 5mm-10mm, and the thickness of the laser welding equipment exceeds 3mm, it is undoubtedly not suitable. The output power standard of laser welding equipment should be fully considered.

Assuming that our products are suitable for laser welding, we must fully consider the output power standard of the laser welding equipment. Assuming that you need a laser welding thickness of 1.5 mm, such a 1000W laser welding equipment will do. It must be said that, assuming penetration welding and laser spot welding, 1000W can be satisfied; if the welding volume is large, the laser output power is slightly larger, because the 1000-watt laser welding machine can laser weld 2 mm deep; In the case of welding, the thickness of laser welding is about 2.5 mm, so it is more appropriate to choose a 1500W laser welding machine. And so on, the greater the thickness of the laser welding required, the greater the output power of the corresponding selected laser welding machine.