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Continuous laser VS pulsed laser, how to choose laser cleaning machines?

Apr 11, 2022

In the field of laser cleaning, fiber lasers have become the best choice for laser cleaning light sources with higher reliability, stability and flexibility.

Both continuous laser and pulsed laser can remove paint on the surface of materials to achieve the effect of cleaning.

Under the same power conditions, the cleaning efficiency of pulsed laser is much higher than that of continuous laser. At the same time, pulsed laser can better control the heat input to prevent the substrate temperature from being too high or micro-melting.

CW lasers have an advantage in price, and can make up for the gap in efficiency with pulsed lasers by using high-power lasers, but high-power CW lasers have greater heat input and increased damage to the substrate.

Therefore, there are fundamental differences between the two in application scenarios. With high precision, it is necessary to strictly control the heating of the substrate, and the application scenarios that require the substrate to be non-destructive, such as molds, should choose a pulsed laser cleaning machine. For some large steel structures, pipes, etc., due to the large volume and fast heat dissipation, the requirements for damage to the substrate are not high, and continuous laser cleaning machine can be selected.

continuous laser cleaning machine

pulsed laser cleaning machine