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Laser Welding Machine Troubleshooting Instructions

Apr 28, 2022

If the laser welding machine fails, do some troubleshooting first.

1 No laser light

First, check whether the laser welder is in alarm. The inspection method is to see whether the yellow alarm light of the laser is on. If the yellow light is on, it means the laser is in an alarm state. It is necessary to check whether the water temperature of the water tank is above 17 degrees Celsius. If so, you need to turn off the key switch and turn it on again after a minute.

2 Weak laser light

In the process of laser welding, if it is found that the laser energy is not as strong as before, or the light is weak, first check whether the protective lens of the welding head is damaged. The protective lens is a consumable item and needs to be replaced if it is damaged. If it is dirty, it needs to be wiped with alcohol-free cloth.